Individual Therapy

I absolutely believe that one of the bravest things you can do, is to better understand you and your own story. Exploring and better understanding your feelings, thoughts and emotions and how they fit into you and your story will help you live your life on your terms. You completely deserve to live the life you want to live.
I will treat you with care, compassion, and without judgement regardless of whatever it might be that is going on in your life. I promise you that I will meet you at a human level, interacting with you as a real person and not an expert.
I want to help you achieve whatever it is that you have set out to in your therapy.
Considering counselling and contacting a counsellor, can really feel like an intimidating prospect. Consider me a regular person who wants to listen to whatever it is you want to say. 

Who am I? 
I often find that when people think of therapists and counsellors they think of how the TV portray me. Suit wearing (men at least) stuffy ‘experts’ in dark rooms with big desks and lying down whilst you talk. That’s not me! 
I would say i am a contemporary Counsellor. I don’t wear a suit, you won’t have to lie down unless you want too, there isn’t a big desk but a comfortable, warm contained space you will hopefully feel relaxed in. Oh, and you are the expert in you, I’m certainly not.

How can counselling help you?
Counselling can help you better understand and experience often painful and difficult emotions in safe, non judgmental environment. This can help you release these feelings allowing you to live your life, on your terms… Counselling is a safe space for you to explore, understand, feel or just be.
What to expect in your first session
Your first session is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. There are probably questions you have about therapy, me or whatever it might be. We can spend time talking these through, hopefully answering them for you. It is also an opportunity for you to see if I am someone you could not only work with but have walk with you by your side on your journey. There will also be some admin to go through as well but not too much. It is then totally up to you if you wish to book further sessions with me or not

I’m not going to diagnose you or judge you for anything you tell me. You might not even want to tell me in this session what is going on for you that is fine too. It is a completely no commitment meeting. Your session, your way.

 What Do I Work With?
I can work with most things people bring into my room, for example: anxiety, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, social anxiety, depression, feeling sad, low self esteem, family issues, stress and bereavement. This list is not exhaustive but represents a lot of my client work. Clients do tend to seek me out for support with depression or anxiety, in all their forms, loss and grief or wanting to better understand themselves. I will work with whatever it might be that is going on in your life. So if that isn’t what I’ve written here, get in touch and we can chat about it.
As such, I do not have a blanket approach that you will need to “fit” into. I work with everybody in a way that is as individual as you are. There are certain elements of how I work that are the same for every client though. That is the dignity, care, compassion and respect that I have and show for all of my clients.
I am not an expert in your life, that is absolutely you. It is my job to provide a safe space for you to really explore and understand what it is that might be going on for you.

What I do 
I really like to keep things as simple as I can, you talk and I will listen intently to what you tell me. We will work to peel back the layers of your emotions, feelings, and thoughts that might be troubling you. I understand how scary that might seem but I will do my absolute best to make it a revealing and hopefully insightful experience for you.
My hope for you is that you find relief from whatever might be troubling you. For some clients, this might happen in just a small number of sessions, for other clients it might take more. I have no minimum or maximum for our time together. I’ll work with you for as long as you want too.
As I’ve mentioned before, contemplating therapy or considering contacting a therapist can seem almost too intimidating to even ponder. So at this point, don’t consider me a therapist, instead just consider me a regular person who wants to listen to whatever it is you want to say.

How I can work with you
I work with clients face to face, online or on the phone, the choice is yours.
Your first session will be a time for you to get to know me and sound me out to see if you might want for us to work together. You are under no obligation to book any further sessions with me. I hope you take the plunge and get in touch, I’ll pop the kettle on ready and hopefully I’ll speak to you soon.

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